LIVER PANEL 1; Liver function test (LFT)

LFT (Liver Function Test) is a blood test that measures different substances produced by your liver. This test gives your doctor essential information about the overall health of your liver. A LFT test (live function test) reveals whether your liver is functioning properly or not. This test will often measure several substances in just one blood sample, such as proteins, enzymes, and byproducts. Book your LFT test in Dwarka at an affordable price.

Test type Serum
Pre-test Information No special preparation required
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Components *AST (SGOT) *ALT (SGPT) *AST:ALT ratio *GGTP *Bilirubin, Total, Direct & Indirect *Protein,Total *Albumin *A:G ratio *Alkaline Phosphatase
Price 936

Doctor Specialty:

Gastroenterologist, Physician

Not available

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