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At Ayushman Diagnostic & Imaging Centre, we offer a range of radiology tests. From X-rays to advanced imaging modalities, we also prioritize accuracy and efficiency in detecting and diagnosing medical conditions. Explore our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team dedicated to providing insightful results for informed healthcare decisions. Your well-being is our priority and you can trust us for excellence in radiology services.

Our Radiology services

CT Scan

This CT scan test is utilised for detailed imaging. Low-Dose MultiSlice CT Scan employs multiple X-ray beams to create a cross-sectional image with minimal radiation exposure. This test is commonly used to diagnose lung and abdominal issues, providing a more comprehensive view than traditional X-rays.

BMD (Bone Mineral Density)

"BMD tests are recommended to assess bone strength and risk of fractures. The BMD (Bone Mineral Density) test is often recommended for postmenopausal women and older adults. The results help doctors to guide preventive measures and treatment plans for maintaining your bone health. "


Mammography is advised for women to screen for breast cancer detection. This test involves low-dose X-rays to capture detailed images of breast tissue. Regular mammography test helps in early detection of breast cancer and increase the chances of successful treatment.

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-ray technology produces high-resolution images quickly, helping in diagnosing various medical conditions. Digital X-rays are commonly employed to examine bones, lungs, and soft tissues. This test provides detailed information for healthcare professionals in a more efficient and accessible manner.

Digital OPG

Doctors recommended Digital OPG test for comprehensive dental imaging. This technique captures a panoramic view of the entire mouth such as the jaws, teeth, and surrounding structures. Digital OPG (Orthopantomogram) test is widely advised by oral surgeons and dentists for comprehensive assessments, treatment planning, and diagnosing problems such as jaw abnormalities or impacted teeth.

4D/5D Ultrasound

Advances in ultrasound technology have led to 4D/5D ultrasounds. These kinds of ultrasound tests provide real-time, moving images of the body’s internal processes. 4D/5D ultrasounds enable healthcare providers to monitor and observe activities as they happen. Widely used in obstetrics to provide expectant parents with detailed, moving images of their developing baby and enhance the bonding experience.

Fetal ECHO

The fetal ECHO (also called fetal echocardiography) test is a specialized ultrasound test that examines the developing heart of the fetus. Doctors recommended Fetal ECHO during pregnancy to assess the baby’s heart structure and function. It aids in the early detection of any cardiac abnormalities.

Color Doppler

Color Doppler is a medical imaging technique that uses ultrasound to visualize blood flow within the body's vessels. It provides real-time, color-coded images of blood circulation and helps to identify abnormalities such as blood clots or vascular issues. The Color Doppler method is widely used in various medical specialties, including cardiology and vascular medicine.


"EEG test measures electrical activity in the brain. It helps in the diagnosis of conditions like epilepsy and other neurological disorders. EMG test records electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. This test helps diagnose neuromuscular disorders. ECG test monitors the heart's electrical activity, detecting abnormalities in rhythm and structure, helping in the diagnosis of cardiac conditions. "

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